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Choosing a scent for every room in the home

Picking the right scent for every area of your house is more important than you might think, but we are about to make that decision easy.

Scented candles create ambience in any room, the fragrance you choose can add atmosphere through your sense of smell.


The kitchen or dining room is a fantastic area of the house to showcase beautiful food based aromas. Sweet scents of vanilla, lemon, chocolate and coconut add a delicious fragrance to any kitchen.

Lounge Room

The lounge area is the perfect place for floral, berry and Musk scents. Musk has a calming effect and helps you to wind down. Floral and Berries keep the room smelling clean and fresh.


Lavender and Vanilla scents go hand in hand with relaxing in a warm bath. Perfect for masking odours from moisture and dirty clothes. Lemon and cinnamon are also great for the bathroom.  Our bath bombs and candle range are a must have for the most luxurious bath after a long day.


Fragrances are the perfect way to wind down and relax after a long day. Lavender is a much loved fragrance for it’s calming properties. It’s perfect to get kids and babies to sleep as well. Sandalwood has a woody exotic scent that is relaxing and warming. Citrus scents are perfect for the bedroom because they boost your energy and mood making for a great start to the day.

When used properly scented candles are a must have accessory for every modern home. If you need any help choosing the perfect scent for any room in your home, or you have any special requests for scents please contact us.

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The power of Smell – 5 interesting facts

Smell Sex On The Beach Large Candle

Our sense of smell

Smell… One of the all important 5 senses, not to be taken for granted. I know two people who can’t smell, imagine that! It would be great if something smelt bad, but missing out on all the good smells would be terrible.

1) Did you know studies say women have a better sense of smell than men.

2) Smells you like make you happier, so always keep your favourite scents nearby.

3) Smell has a very powerful link to memory and links to the emotional regions of the brain more directly than other senses.

4) The sense of smell is the first of all our senses to develop. Even before we are born, our sense of smell is fully formed and functioning.

5) Smell is the most sensitive of the senses. People can remember smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recall is about 50% after three months.