Our blog contains additional information on soy candles and our fragrances.    It also includes helpful tips for choosing the best soy candle for yourself or as the perfect gift.

Tips For Home Fragrance

Posted by Carley Cole on November 4, 2017
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We hear a lot of people saying they want Melts that fragrance the whole home or the melts they purchased from someone didn’t last very long or the Candle didn’t smell all the way through.  While we haven’t received these complaints ourselves we would love to give you some home fragrance tips for those parts of the home you just can’t seem to make smell good. We know you love products that last and you

Picking the right scent for every area of your house is more important than you might think, but we are about to make that decision easy. Scented candles create ambience in any room, the fragrance you choose can add atmosphere through your sense of smell.


The kitchen or dining room is a fantastic area of the house to showcase beautiful food based aromas. Sweet scents of vanilla, lemon, chocolate and coconut add

Risks of Paraffin Candles

Posted by Carley Cole on May 12, 2017
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The power of Smell – 5 interesting facts

Posted by Carley Cole on May 6, 2017
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Our sense of smell

Smell… One of the all important 5 senses, not to be taken for granted. I know two people who can’t smell, imagine that! It would be great if something smelt bad, but missing out on all the good smells would be terrible. 1) Did you know studies say women have a better sense of smell than men. 2) Smells you like make you happier, so always keep your favourite scents nearby.