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Tips For Home Fragrance

We hear a lot of people saying they want Melts that fragrance the whole home or the melts they purchased from someone didn’t last very long or the Candle didn’t smell all the way through.  While we haven’t received these complaints ourselves we would love to give you some home fragrance tips for those parts of the home you just can’t seem to make smell good.

We know you love products that last and you want value for money, these tips are tried and tested to help you do just that.


Melts are the most cost effective way to scent your whole home.  Each cube lasts 10 hours, sometimes longer depending on the scent and type of burner used.  If you have a normal sized 3 bedroom home the smell should scent your home really well.  If you have problems with specific rooms we recommend using a Reed Diffuser as well as Melts.

Handy Tip

When your Melts no longer smell in the Burner, the fragrance is still strong enough to fragrance your linen cupboard or clothes draws.  Just pop the wax in a container separate from your clothes to ensure wax doesn’t melt in hot weather and ruin your clothes (although soy wax washes out really well, we recommend you do this).  This is the perfect way to have beautiful smelling clothes draws and get more for your hard earned money.


The Reed Diffuser is the perfect way to scent that problem room for months on end.  They last over 6 months and all you need to do is flip the Reeds every couple of weeks.  

They are great if you have a Husband or Kids who like to leave their used clothes and towels on the bathroom floor, or your washing basked just fills up so fast and smells damp and gross.  

The Reed Diffuser is a great solution for the toilet and adds that little bit of style that is needed.  It masks all those terrible odours and they smell so much better than toilet spray.

If your teenagers bedroom smells like a football teams locker room and you struggle like most mums and dads to get them to clean it.  The Reed Diffuser will at least make it smell good, while you nag them to clean up.  They are perfect for safety with no flame or power point required.


Our candles give that beautiful ambience that can’t be replicated.  Whether you burn Candles on a special occasion or all the time, they are a beautiful addition to any home decor.  Candles are beautiful in the bathroom for a relaxing soak in the bath, especially if you have some beautiful soaps or bath bombs on hand to enhance the whole luxurious experience.  Candles are also perfect for that lovely candlelit dinner and our delicious fragrances are perfect for the kitchen.

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